I'm Afraid It Won't Work

Recently, I sat in a circle with some of my favorite artists and people. We went around the room doing a very simple exercise I learned from Seth Godin.

Two questions were asked:

What are you afraid won't work?

What are you afraid will?

I began.

I’m afraid the anti-anxiety medication I’ve been taking for the last few months won’t work. I’m afraid therapy won’t work. And so, I’m afraid I will always feel the way I’m feeling now. Anxious and depressed.

I’m afraid of the “yes.” If people say “yes” to the ideas I’m working on, I’ll then have to actually make them and that scares me.

One by one, my friends spoke their fears outloud. There were follow-up questions, tears, and comforting remarks.

It was beautiful.

I left feeling elated and also terribly sober.

Fear is everywhere.

And the only antidote I'm aware of for fear is connection. Speaking our fears out loud to one another.

So today, I ask you what I asked my friends:

What are you afraid won’t work?

What are you afraid will?

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