About a year ago I realized I couldn't do it all.

Suddenly it became seeringly obvious that I couldn't be a good husband and a good dad and a good maker of things and a good employee and a good friend and a good writer and a good keeper-upper of my blog and all my other internet hangouts.

It was a rude awakening for me and a "duh" moment for everyone else. I wrestle with what gets my attention, but know that when I can focus it great stuff…


A fighter, a runner, a business man, and his younger doppleganger walked into our black box studio last week.

I sat them down, offered them some water, and then I listened.

Utilizing what is now known as "The Interrotron" (made famous by Errol Morris), we were able to get normal, everyday people, to powerfully reveal their deepest emotions to a piece of glass with my face projected onto it.

We then created a metaphorical world in which…


The goal was to tell a very familiar story in a very new way.

Over the years I’d been fascinated with the use of multimedia (film, dance, projection, music) in live settings and wanted to see what we could create using all these mediums. But of course a medium is nothing without a message.

The story needed a hook (they all do by the way) and so I set off to my little library and grabbed every book that I thought might have a nugget of…


“There are, it seems, two muses: the Muse of Inspiration, who gives us inarticulate visions and desires, and the Muse of Realization, who returns again and again to say "It is yet more difficult than you thought." This is the muse of form. It may be then that form serves us best when it works as an obstruction, to baffle us and deflect our intended course. It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work…


Jeff Beaumont - Editor / Producer

Jim Sippel - Gaffer

Amanda Thomas - Line Producer

Andrew Schuurmann - Assistant Director

Rhianna Godfrey - Casting

Bjorn Amundsen - Director of Photography

Blaine Hogan - Director / Writer

Music by The Brilliance