Flour, holi powder, and the amazing David Ingram, helped to create this piece that we're quite proud of. Enjoy!


Dancer: David Ingram

Executive Producer: Paul Johnson

Writer, Director, Producer, Flour-thrower: Blaine Hogan, Bjorn Amundsen

Producer: Rhianna Godfrey

Music: Energico by AJ Hochhalter

DP: Bjorn Amundsen

Editor: Bjorn Amundsen

Sound Design: Ryan Pribyl

Voice Talent: Kabir Singh


This afternoon at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, after an amazing talk about the power of daring greatly by Brene Brown, I led our community through a time of confession.

I'm hoping to be able to post the Summit video soon, but in the meantime here is the version I did during a weekend earlier this year. 

Download it here or head to Vimeo to download it there

"We cannot grasp the meaning of the story of Jesus until we begin to see that it is in fact the climactic episode of the great story of the Bible, the chronicle of God's work in human history. When his good creation was fouled by human rebellion, God immediately set out on a salvage mission. He had created…


In his book, Telling Secrets, Fredrick…