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There is something about the fall. Something more than just a change in temperature. It's miraculous. 

The miracle is the reminder that to live, we must die. 

For things to grow, they need rest and care...and death. 

They need to literally...fall. 

And so, I invite you to curl up with your PSL and a cozy blanket and fall into the sounds of the newest playlist. 



I was in Latin America for two weeks not too long ago and before I left Chicago, it seemed like winter might be over. 

At first I was delighted - we made it! And then I felt a tinge of sadness since I'd not posted the winter playlist. 

However, when I arrived back from the sunny mountains of El Salvador and Guatemala, reality set in. 

Winter was most certainly not over. 

As I sit in my cozy little office huddled next to the space heater…


There is a lovely little lake I run around (when it's warm enough) and on the way you'll find a tiny…


And that you can always erase your mistakes (which is why one entire…


Once again, winter is upon us. For many of you the cold has already arrived and for others it is just now making its way to your door. 

This season's playlist is dedicated to the melancholy that the lack of vitamin D brings as well as the coziness it inspires. 

THE COLD SHALL COME | a winter playlist   


Here in the midwest fall comes fast and winter comes even faster.

Having grown up here my whole life I've learned to embrace the fact that one day it will be 62 with that kind of glowy fall sun that feels like the whole world has titled just so in order to stay in golden hour forever, and the next day your car won't start because the battery is frozen.

And so, you just have to let it come.

Embrace it.

Let it fall.

Enjoy the mix (and what's…


You're feeling something. Deeply.

And then it becomes time to share what's rumbling around in that heart of yours. Eventually it's time to get someone in the mood. 

I'm talking about mood boards, playlists, creative treatments, pitches, and the like. These are the tools we have at our disposal to help our teams understand on a deep level, what our project should look and feel and sound like.

What I'm trying to do with these collections is…


[Artwork by my new friend Logan Pyle who has agreed to collaborate on a number of other projects. Be…


“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in…


Today I get to share with…


When I was in high school, nearly everyone I knew took Spanish or German. Dreaming of galvanting around Europe, they spoke of all the beer they would consume hopping from train to train during a study-abroad excursion. The others spoke mostly of how knowing Spanish would come in handy in Mexico as they conned their way into foam parties over Spring Break. 

Not me, however.

Those lanuages had no history. No, je ne sais quois. And more…


“With so many trees in the city, you could see the spring coming each day until a night of warm wind would bring it suddenly in one morning. Sometimes the heavy cold…


I know it has probably felt like Spring for awhile for many of you, but here in Chicago we barely hit 60 this past weekend only to plumet down to the 30's yesterday.

Nevertheless, I'm taking it as a sign.

As sign that Spring truly has arrived in the Midwest (or at least is on it's merry way).

It seems the world is coming back to life. There's a sense that something new is breaking through the ground. Perhaps we can all breathe a collective…


In the last two weeks it has rained, hit a high of 61 degrees, hit a low of -2, and today there is snow on the ground. I've been waiting to post this until the weather settled down a bit (silly, I know).  And yet, I couldn't, in good conscience, share a winter playlist when it's 61 degrees in Chicago.

I do hope you enjoy it. 

Spotify link here


I stumbled across Carly on The Music Bed last week and literally cannot stop listening. She will most certainly make her way into my Winter Playlist, but until Chicago sees some snow, I simply cannot bring myself to share it.

And yet, I can't keep Carly to myself anymore. 



I say death because it's true. Here in the midwest, things die around this time of year. We don't see this as a bad thing, however. Since we know that for things to live, for things to thrive, they must die first. This is as true…