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The photo of flowers on my kitchen table proves the fact that winter has ended in Chicago. Spring has officially sprung and we are ever so grateful!

More so even than the New Year, spring always feels like a fresh start to me, which is exactly what I want to talk to you about today.

Nearly two months ago,  Make Better  broke.

And not just flat-tire-broke, more like the-wheels-fell-off-while-we-were-doing-80-on-the-interstate-broke. I'll spare…


It was a hot, humid, and overcast summer day in the suburbs of Minnesota. I was four.

The heat pressed against my tiny frame as I stood staring, neck craned upwards at a giant twelve-foot slide. The slide itself sat on a sandy beach near our house. 

I should note that it was one of those old school, metal things, with rusty protruding screws.

This is not the kind of slide you’ll find in a park these days with all it’s plastic and foam, and…


It was Paris; the year was 1859, when the very first flight on the trapeze was taken…


With your insight and incredible support, Make Better has gone from a fill-in…


I was recently asked the following during a Q&A with a creative team if the act of making things ever gets any an less complicated.

"Does it get any easier?

I paused for a moment, hoping the slight delay would cue a zinger to pop into my brain, out of my mouth, and then onto the gentleman's notepad. A zinger for the ages. A zinger that would solve all of the world's creative crises. Certainly there was a simple answer to his question.



In 2002, on Christmas Day, Charlie Rose sat down to interview Martin Scorsese and Daniel Day Lewis about their recent film, Gangs of New York. The whole interview is fantastic, but around the 14 minute mark, something really interesting happens. Charlie begins a line of questioning about Day Lewis' 5-year hiatus from acting and subsequent re-entry into the craft.

Lewis is a bit reluctant at first to the obvious question for a recluse.…


A very large part of what I do as a creative director is cast vision. Images and stories start in my head and my job is to explain what I'm seeing to a team of people. Not only so they can see what I'm seeing, but so that they might…


It’s unusual to start a rehearsal stretching on the floor. And yet there were all eight of us as the director wove his way through the maze of actors sharing his thoughts for the scene we were about to create. It felt like we were in some pseudo, combined production of FAME and a boot camp reality series. But alas we had just begun rehearsing Shakespeare’s, The Comedy of Errors, at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in Chicago. 

The theatre…


Recently I've been captured by the book, The Art of Possibility. It's been around for…



I hear this maybe 5,000 times a day.

Ruby drops her sippy cup. "Uh oh!"

She runs too fast and takes a header into the hallway. "Uh oh!"

She throws a slice of turkey against the wall. "Uh oh!"

But because I've become so accustomed to the phrase, I don't hear it as negative anymore.

She says "uh oh!" and I hear, "I'm experimenting!"

She says, "uh oh!," and I hear, "Ah ha! I'll do that differently next time!"

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes…


If you've known my wife and I for any length of time, it won't come as any surprise to know that our house is a lively one. We talk a lot, we laugh a lot, we play a lot of music. I wouldn't say it's a "quiet home."

And now we've got this 16 month old toddling about adding her two cents, which is a lot more like buckets and buckets of change clanging on the floor. The sound is glorious...and loud. Ruby's got about 20 solid words in her…