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The goal was to tell a very familiar story in a very new way.

Over the years I’d been fascinated with the use of multimedia (film, dance, projection, music) in live settings and wanted to see what we could create using all these mediums. But of course a medium is nothing without a message.

The story needed a hook (they all do by the way) and so I set off to my little library and grabbed every book that I thought might have a nugget of…




Sean has graciously extended a 10% promo code "CHRISTMAS10"  to my readers until December 21st. So go get yourself some handcrafted awesomeness.

I met Sean at a conference this summer and he's one of the most gifted illustrators I know. Everything is created by hand with pen and paper, and it shows. He has prints, mugs, coasters, and tons other awesome stuff that I'm positive you'll love.

Also, be on the…


In this era of olde-timey hipsters, Mad Men, intentionally getting haircuts our dad's were forced to get in the 50's, and the ressurgance of mustache wax, it is clear to me that wanna be gentlemen are among us. I undoutably put myself in this camp as I try to navigate what it means to be married, have a real job, a 19 month old daughter, and visions of becoming a real live adult. 

Since I imagine many of you are in the same boat, I thought…