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I love to read. Although, my wife says I like books more than I like to read.

I can't really argue with her since I'm keenly aware of my book-buying problem. In fact, there are few things that delight more than seeing that Amazon smirk on a little cardboard box sitting atop the windowsill next the mailboxes in our building.

This year I read less than I had wanted. Truth be told, I put out way more than I took in, which is a problem, and…


I have to say that the paperback edition really is beautiful. Designed by my good friend Josue, and printed by the same printer Seth…



After only a day and a half I sold out of the paperbacks I had in my possesion. Thank you so much for your support. Incredible!

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I had hoped to have palletes and palletes of books for sale on Amazon by today. Unfortunately there was a snafuu with the loading dock…


Recently I've been captured by the book, The Art of Possibility. It's been around for…


However, she was not calling about STORY. She was calling about a new project…