“A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.” - Haruki Murakami

In this era of olde-timey hipsters, Mad Men, intentionally getting haircuts our dad's were forced to get in the 50's, and the ressurgance of mustache wax, it is clear to me that wanna be gentlemen are among us. I undoutably put myself in this camp as I try to navigate what it means to be married, have a real job, a 19 month old daughter, and visions of becoming a real live adult. 

Since I imagine many of you are in the same boat, I thought it might be fun to ask some friends what they'd put on a Christmas list for gentlemen only. This week, the links poured in and I'm happy to say, I'll be breaking this up into a few series to make sure the ladies (and others) in your life get plenty of ideas.

So, what do you get your gentleman for Christmas? This stuff!



Our friends at FORAGE have offered to give my readers 20% their entire order until the 14th. Use the promo GIFT when you check out!

These aren't your dad's ties, gents! Handcrafted by Stephen and Shauna, a duo from Philadelphia, FORAGE specializes in limited edition bow ties and neckties. Their name comes from their love of hunting for vintage and dead-stock fabrics which inspire each collection. They are amazing!


Everlane is a lovely little internet-only clothing and accessory company working to cut out the middle man of the commerce scene by working directly with designers and manufacturers. They really are trying to do things differently. In fact, they shut their store down on Black Friday in protest of excessive consumerism. Brilliant. 


Even though I asked men for their recommendations, my friend Catherine really felt like this must be added to the list. I agree. Every guy needs good music and better speakers. Whether it's for your office, your apartment, kitchen, or library, these fancy, wireless little numbers will do the trick.


No, this isn't your grandma's crystal, it's a good, old-fashioned mixing glass perfect for making, well, an Old Fashioned. My friend Dave (an incredible bartender) suggests we head to the fellas at Cocktail Kingdom in NYC, and get a good mixing glass (below), jigger (no idea what this is), strainer (I'm assuming I can just use the one I make spaghetti with), and a barspoon (Ruby has some she's probably not using), then ask him what to do with it. Will do, Dave.


Josh is a big fan Kyle Louis Fletcher (as am I after meeting him at one of Josh's lectures) and suggested this iPhone case. Mr. Fletcher also has some really fun pop art prints as seen below.


Everytime I set my phone down on my desk next to my Dala horse mug, I feel bad for my phone. Don't get me wrong, my mug is awesome, it's just that an iPhone is magic, and I think deserves a more special home. Unfortunately, most iPhone docks I've come across are made of shiny, cheap metal and plastic. But not this one!

Well, friends that concludes Vol. 1. Other volumes will be posted in the next few days (including work supplies, books you simply must read, and some great gadgets) - still in time for Christmas!

Now I turn the floor over to you...

If you have a great gift you think needs to be on this list, please leave it in the comments so we all can see.

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