This summer, as I poured through stacks of books, hunting for inspiration, I stumbled across this quote from The Drama of Scripture:

"We cannot grasp the meaning of the story of Jesus until we begin to see that it is in fact the climactic episode of the great story of the Bible, the chronicle of God's work in human history. When his good creation was fouled by human rebellion, God immediately set out on a salvage mission. He had created it, and it thus belonged to him by right. Now he would redeem it, buy it back for himself, so that it might be restored to what he had always intended it to be."

Out of everything I read, there was one phrase that captured me...


For months, those eight words followed me and eventually became the backbone for our story. 

Today, I'm excited to share with you something our entire team has been working on like crazy for the last six months.

I hope you enjoy it and hope you come and see it,

Click below to watch...

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