You don't have to do it right, you just have to do something.

Yesterday, I posed a question on a giveaway for a beautiful, full year calendar (which you can still enter to win until Friday):

The question...


Over 100 of you have already posted answers so far and as I read through them last night and this morning, I'm overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at the hope and possibility of what this tribe could make in the coming year. There is glorious optimism in your projects - books to be written, songs to be composed, inititatives to begin.

I'm a sucker for possibility and this list, kind of undoes me.

The next feeling I had as I read your comments was despair as I thought about how many of these amazing ideas won't be made. 

Life will do what it inevitably always does - get in the way - and your great idea will politely slink away to the backburner of your heart for another year or so.

I spoke at a conference for artists and designers earlier this year and was struck by the simplicity of one speaker's answer for our little dillema. Jonathan Moore, designer and founder of Style Hatch, proposed a rather modest idea for getting a project off the ground, illustrated below by the great Sean Wes.

Easier said than done, but certainly doable.

Whatever it is you have in mind to create in the coming year, you simply need to start creating it. Every project is a bazillion series of tiny, incremental steps, but steps nevertheless.

As Mr. Moore suggests, "you don't have to do it right, you just have to do something," and I can't wait to see what it becomes.

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