It was so incredibly inspiring to read through all your aspirations (all 131 of them). I can't to see what you all make next year!

Without further ado, here are your winners:

  • Jason Bedell
  • Sonali Agrawal
  • Brittania Drew
  • Lisa Armstrong
  • Josh Froman

If you find your name on the list, please email me your mailing address!

If you didn't find your name, I hope you'll still head over to Neu Year and pick up a calendar or two. You can still get a 30% discount by using the promo "BLAINE" when you check out.

While we've still got a few weeks until 2012 comes to a close, now is when I start looking to replace my calendars and notebooks.

I like to have a clean slate to start with right away when the new year begins. Even though I do all my scheduling on ye olde internet via ical, I have taken to planning out larger scale projects on an even older invention: PAPER!

Last year, my friend Jesse started a company called NeuYear creating beautiful, full year calendars. The paper quality is superb and the darn things look so nice hanging just about anywhere. I've had mine in my office and completed three big projects by being able to see how the work stretched out over an entire year.

We all know that the process of change or making things of any sort is always a bazillion series of tiny, incremental steps. Jesse's little ditty really helped me realize small goals throughout the year and now it can help you as well.

Today, Jesse has offered to give away 5 for free!


I'm sure every single one of you has something you really want / need to make this coming year. Maybe you're finally ready to write that book or apply to grad school. Maybe you're wanting start that little side business or learn to really cook. 

Whatever it is, put what you want to make this year in the comments below.

I'll choose five at random on Friday.

Because Jesse is so awesome, he's decided to give me a special 30% discount code in case you want to skip the giveaway and buy some for yourself or your team. Just use the promo "BLAINE" when you check out.

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