I’m a little dry. I need to refresh. So…I’m going off the grid.

After a long few weeks preparing for the Summit and with new projects just about to take shape, I’m in desperate need of a late-summer retreat. Thankfully, M and I, along with some of our creative team, are heading to Cape Cod for a few days to breathe, connect, re-create, and celebrate our two year anniversary!

As such, I will be going off the grid until the middle of next week.

No email. Blog. Twitter.

I didn’t want to leave you stranded so I’ve complied a late summer list of books I’ve read/are reading and some music to tide you over until I return. Please add to this list what you’re reading and listening to as well!

In these closing days of summer I hope you will take time to turn off the tele, open a book, reflect, imagine, breathe, listen, and drink a final margarita (they simply don’t taste as good after Labor Day if you ask me).

I look forward to connecting soon.



Tags: Imagination

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