Labor Day rarely feels restful to me.

For me it isn’t a day to lay out by the beach, or sit around and watch reality t.v. (although I often do these things on my day off). No, for me, Labor Day marks the beginning of possibility. I’ve always thought of the fall in this way and the first Monday in September merely gives me something tangible to hang my romantic hat on.

Fall has arrived (at least in the suburbs of Chicago). The air is cooling, we made our first batch of chili, and I can’t stop baking these blueberry muffins from Smitten Kitchen. Fall, more than any other time of year, feels like a true beginning. More than Christmas or the New Year, fall says, “Hey, want to make something? Want to learn something new?”

It must be all the schooling. 19 years of education have trained me that this is when I get my syllabus. Fall is when boxes of books from my Amazon wish list arrive at my front door; boxes full of new ideas. Fall is a season devoted to learning, growing, starting fresh, imagining a new future.

Creatively, I tend to start new projects now. It’s hard not to with new fashion lines coming out, new music being released, the Pantone colors are refreshed, and my boots, along with the plaid shirts I wear year round, are finally back in style. I feel like a whole new man again even if I didn’t buy a new wardrobe. (Here’s my secret: I hold onto to one or two items and wear them year round. Then when the season where they’re actually in style arrives, I look like a total genius.)

Fall is the time to start something new; try something new; learn something new.

It is my favorite time of year.

If you’re interested…sometime this week I encourage you to have a crack at my little trick* to start the fall off right.

*Bake yourself a batch of those muffins I can’t stop talking about, brew a cup of coffee, open a window to let that crisp breeze in, and write:

This fall…what will I make? What will I change? What will I hope for?


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