For the last couple of months, I’ve been exploring this idea of Creative Life Office Hours. It has been a great joy to sit on the phone or on skype with people all over the world and chat about the life of a creative professional. Oftentimes the conversation drifts into more personal realms, which I find deeply humbling. I consider it a great honor to be allowed into any part of a person’s story.

I plan to continue to hold office hours in a limited way this fall (there are still a couple groups still scheduled to meet), but I thought in the meantime we could get some work done right here on the blog. (Thanks Promise for the great idea.)

If you have a question about ANY ASPECT of the creative life (process, heartache, failure, hope, staying sane, tools, mars hill grad school, etc.) PLEASE LEAVE YOUR QUESTION IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. I’ll be answering them over the next couple of days. I’m not a one man band, so what might be fun is if you would answer each other’s questions as well!

Ask away.

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