Hello again, dear friends.

After nearly 6 weeks of pre-production and a full week of shooting for our Easter services, it looks like I might have a bit of my life back. I tweeted last week how going for over 30 days without writing a single word for myself or this blog has not been good a thing and I hope to remedy that as I attempt to put myself back on a routine (until the baby comes, of course - ARGH, only 4 weeks away!).

So today, let’s start with something light.

As we all know, creating something from nothing is no easy task. For me to make anything of value I need words, thoughts, ideas, encouragement, but most of all I need to know that I’m not alone. While I was shooting last week, I found that in my most “this-will-never-work” moments, I was reassured in my madness knowing that I’m surrounded by a community of artists struggling through the same muck and mire. This is precisely why I contributed to a lovely venture just released last week called, Creative Matters - a series of essays and manifestos from creative professionals.

I hope you will take a moment to download the free e-book here and share it generously!


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