Life these days is full. New dad, day job, and lots of writing.

For the last few months, nearly every spare second not cuddling with Ruby or doing my day-to-day work has been spent writing. I’ve been laboring over two book proposals and one ebook to be released late July. I haven’t talked much about the ebook because until recently I wasn’t sure it was happening. I’ve learned recently that the ebook is in fact happening and I am very excited to tell you about it.

The book is called UNTITLED: a collection of essays on the creative process

Here are a couple excerpts from the introduction:

I am indebted to my wife for the title. She’s a screenwriter and like so many other writers, her scripts often go without a name for quite sometime. The world knows this to be true and as a result, nearly every word processing application out there opens up a new document with the word, “UNTITLED,” centered on the page.

As if to say, “Oh I see you have a project you want to start, but you probably aren’t sure what to call it just yet. Well don’t let that stop you! I’ve put a place holder in for the time being, so get to work my friend. You can delete me when you’re good and ready.”

Such is the same for nearly every creative endeavor. The widget, the thing, the process, or the name, if you will, rarely reveals itself without a good deal of work first.


We begin to name when we put pen to paper on the first draft, or when we muster the courage to utter a shred of a new idea to the group. We name when we push through resistance and finally get our act together long enough to get that thing out the door for others to see. We name as we come to believe in a process that understands the importance of failure and self-awareness, and which favors sweat over inspiration. And ultimately we name when we give our projects a finished moniker, finally deleting the word, ‘UNTITLED,’ from the top of the page.


As a creative director I keep a constant log of thoughts and reflections of my day to day work. I jot down how a creative meeting went, how that one project was accomplished (or wasn’t), or sometimes I’ll just pen a passing phrase or idea of how the process of art-making could improve.

What you hold in your hands is a collection of brief essays curated from these notes.


As excited as I am for this to come out, I’m equally as terrified. It is one thing to write content only for a blog and it is quite another to write something which you know you’re going to ask people to give up some of their hard-earned money for. This is a big “try” which may fall flat on it’s face, but alas it’s time for me to eat my own words and jump.

With regard to the book, I must be completely honest and admit that some of the content will be lifted from this blog and revised. As I’ve written about the creative process on this site, there are a few issues that have gotten a little more attention than others and so I’ll be expanding my thoughts on a number of essays which you may have already read. I hope you’ll oblige.

Also, I will try and keep the book chatter to a minimum as I push this thing out the door, though I may in the coming weeks humbly ask for your assistance in getting the word out.

I imagine that some of you are in similar positions. You all have projects you’re working on. I know this because I’m lucky enough to have some of the most prolific bloggers, writers, and creators as readers.

To prove it, I would love to know what you’ve been working on of late.

So that I might have something great to read in my downtime from writing I ask you the following:

Over the last year, which post (or project) of yours are you most proud of that you would want to share with this little community?

Post a link below in the comments below so we can all visit to read and see your lovely work.

Again, thanks for your patience as I’ve been hiding out. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m excited to share what I’ve found in the cave!


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