During an interview today I was asked what I thought about the word, “creativity.”

I’ve been working in a church now for 3 years (my previous were in the secular art world) and I have to say…I’m still getting used to the word, “creativity,” being used as a noun.

As if it were a thing that you could have and/or hold.

In answer to my friend’s question I said this:

“I like to think of creativity more as a “way” than anything else - an “alternative way of being or thinking.”

When I hear that we need more “creativity in the church,” I actually hear, “we need more ways of thinking in the church.”

If that’s what you mean, I’m all ears. But if we’re actually saying we need more “art,” then let’s just say that.

Of course I’m up for both, but if I’m really honest, I’d rather have more alternative ways of thinking than more painters on stage.


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