I’m a networking kind of chap.

If you’ve been following my twitter feed the last few weeks, the self-promoting, networking side of me has been in full-force.

Did I mention I’m selling a new book!? :-)

As such, conferences are designed for people like me to really enjoy myself.

But lately, I’m tired of it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk shop like the next guy, but I want something so much more from a meeting of like-minded people.

I participate in a lot of conferences. In fact, I’m creating the opener for one of the biggest in just under a week.

But if there is one conference you go to this year, it’s a scrappy little fellow, trying to create an environment of “so much more.”

It is the STORY conference // September 15th & 16th here in Chicago

I’ve helped to design a few elements the last two years and will be doing so again this year.

So pack your team in the car and ready your bellies for deep dish pizza, italian beef, all-american hot dogs, and for an event that is “so much more.”

What is your least-favorite part about conferences?


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