I grew up Catholic and while there is much I don’t miss of the thousands and thousands of hours I spent at Mass, there is a tremendous amount I do.

I miss the practice of confession, the orientation of the church calendar, the put-a-dollar-in-to-light-a-candle corner.

But what I miss most is the liturgy.

Living in the land of church that consists of “every week should be a surprise,” I deeply long for the regulating and centering power a liturgy has to offer (of course I know the grass isn’t always greener and that even the liturgy can bore this post-modern boy to death).


I long for some order of things.

Enter, A New Liturgy - a project created and curated by my very good friend, Aaron Niequist.

About a year or so ago, he started telling me about a dream he had of creating a series of compact, audible liturgies that people could listen to wherever they were; thus transforming their drive to work or their run around the lake into a sacred space.

Aaron writes:

A New Liturgy is our attempt to create holy space wherever we find ourselves. A moveable, sonic sanctuary. Released quarterly, each Liturgy is a 25 minute journey of music, prayer, scripture, and space that helps open us to The Almighty in any location, season, or emotion. I really need this.

So do I, in fact.

I loved it from the first demo I heard and have loved it ever since.

Aaron and a cadre of my friends are now onto their second offering - Blessed to Be a Blessing and a third one around confession (my favorite subject) is in the works.

If you’re longing for some space, or if you’re longing to create some.

If you’re longing to orient the bits of your life, or for a bit of order of things, then I suggest you download A New Liturgy 1 & 2 immediately.


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