A few weeks ago, I got a crazy idea.

I would email some of my favorite designers and photographers the following creative brief:

Create a lovely desktop wallpaper with an image and/or quote inspired by my book, UNTITLED: Thoughts on the Creative Process. I will then giveaway said wallpaper on my site for all the world to see!

One of the unique pleasures of my little life is knowing some amazing artists. And guess what? Some of them said, “yes.”

Now, I’m not sure if I’ll have enough to do this every week, but here is the first installment from my friend, Allie Lehman, a fantastic designer heralding from Columbus, Ohio. The quote she chose:

“Becoming a great artist is about sitting and paying attention to the world that is passing everyone else by.”

You can download a version of her wallpaper for your desktop, iPad, and/or iPhone below.

Enjoy and be sure to head over to Allie’s site to check out more of her work.

Download: Desktop / iPad / iPhone

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