Three choreographers had fallen through, a bid for a new project was due, a deadline was pushed up, and we just realized that a big piece of our current project had no budget left.

That was last week.

This week, things are a little better, but there’s still plenty left undone and plenty more problems to solve.

I imagine the same is for you.

Just when you think you’re almost finished with a project, or just when you think you have that final little piece in place, inveitably something falls through.

So how do we learn to breathe through our work and not suffocate under the chaos?

Two ways.

But first…a little story…

I was watching the movie, HUGO, a few weeks ago with my wife. There’s a great scene between Hugo and his father played by Jude Law, where they are attempting to fix their automaton robot.

They are so close to making the thing work when they realize they’re missing a key that happens to be in the shape of a heart. Hugo is obviously disappointed and frustrated.

They are so close to being finished! How will they ever find the key!?

Then his father whispers in this wonderfully hopeful tone,

“Ah. Another mystery to solve!”

This is how you begin to breathe. This is how you begin to cope with the chaos that naturally comes with making hard things.

We are called to help order the chaos of this world, and yet we must be aware that the ground is cursed - so we should never be surprised if the work doesn’t happen easily.

The second thing we must come to terms with is what an honor it is to get to solve such beautiful mysteries at all — particularly for any of you tasked with making something meant for another person.

Sure this is going to be hard, but the mysteries to be solved make the work more than worth it.


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