I know a lot of people having lots of conversations about the “future.”

I put the word “future” in quotes intentionally, because often our conversations about said “future” tend to live in the land of critiquing the very recent past and a future that’s just a day or so away. Thus our view of the future becomes terribly myopic and instead, we only see NOW.

When we stay here for too long, we trick ourselves into believing we’re making real progress. We name what’s working (or not working) NOW, at the detriment of naming what we hope will work later.

This is the tyranny of NOW and it’s a dangerous place to live for more than a season.

The Pragmatist will always eat the Futurist for breakfast in the absence of a clear vision for the future (3, 5, 12 years from now).

And so we must wage war against this despot. We must be willing to be uncomfortable now so that something new can eventually emerge.

Our futures depend on it.


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