You're feeling something. Deeply.

And then it becomes time to share what's rumbling around in that heart of yours. Eventually it's time to get someone in the mood. 

I'm talking about mood boards, playlists, creative treatments, pitches, and the like. These are the tools we have at our disposal to help our teams understand on a deep level, what our project should look and feel and sound like.

What I'm trying to do with these collections is quite literally get someone in the mood. I want them to feel what I feel; see what I see; hear what I hear.

There are a thousand different ways you can do this, but I thought I'd share a few ways I do it. 

At my core I'm a visual and aural person - so images and sounds are what I tend to gravitate towards most.

Today I want to talk just about music.




I'm obsessed with Spotify. In fact, it has become part of my weekly discipline. I try to schedule about 90 minutes a week where I just listen to music - whether it's for a particular project or not.

I sit down, hit play, and go from there. I'll hear a song, star it, view related artists, and then follow rabbit trails into new and interesting sounds. When I'm listening, I'm not doing anything except waiting for something to move me. I might not love a particular song, but instead there might be a phrase or two that does something to my guts.

And I move fast.

I'm not looking for the perfect song, I'm hunting and gathering for the best collection.


Now that I've got a pile of songs, I start attaching it to a particular project or idea. From here I start editing whatever doesn't fit.

Again, swift hands work best. I don't waste time negotiating with myself. If it doesn't move me or doesn't seem to fit right away, I toss it.


Finally, once I've collected and then edited, it's time to share. Now is when the mojo happens.

This is when all the work pays off and you get someone in the mood.

Your mood. 

I'll play a carefully edited list for my team, or perhaps the playlist has expanded into one of my my seasonal curations. Some lists have even ended up on my favorite music licensing site, The Music Bed.

Follow me on Spotify and you'll start to get the idea.

The sharing part obviously is the scariest part of this process. What if people don't feel what you feel; don't hear what you hear? Well then, you go back and start again.

Futile? Yes. But incredibly important. If you can't find dynamic ways to share your idea and have it understood, this might not be the business for you.

And yet, there are those rare instances that no one will understand what it is you're trying to make them feel. At that point you might just try making the thing regardless. It might be the most important thing you've ever made.

As you can see there isn't a formula to all this turning someone on stuff. But, if you're listening to your guts and your heart and the world around you, my guess is you'll end up landing on your feet one way or another. 

Later this week, I'll share how I work with Pinterest, visual mood boards and Evernote, but I hope this starts your week off with jolt of inspiration!

Tell us in the comments:

What's the hardest part about getting people to feel what you feel?


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