A new friend, Logan Pyle, reached out on Instagram asking to do a collaboration. As you already know, I can't turn down a good collaboration (plus his work is pretty awesome). After a few emails we agreed on creating some brand new wallpaper to freshen up that phone or desktop in anticipation of the lovely new and impending iOS and OS.

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The quote is based on the two greatest questions I believe you'll ever ask yourself and from a talk I recently gave, which you can watch here if you like. 




Since I'm always curious about an artist's creative process, I asked Logan if he might share with us how we came to make what he did.

Take it away Logan!

We're all headed somewhere. We're constantly working toward something, striving for something. In Philippians 3:13-14, Paul says to forget what lies behind and strain forward toward what's ahead. All of the things I've done, said, and thought that are shameful — I can forget them, I can move on. I have a prize awaiting me. I have a goal that I can fight for.

I tried to communicate that in the way that I drew this piece. If you were an explorer on TV or in the movies, upon reaching a new place you'd stick your flag in the ground. I have thousands of flags stuck in places I wish they'd never been placed, but I can simply forget about them, and press on toward my goal, my destination, my Treasure.


When I make a hand-drawn piece like this, I usually spend the longest amount of time deciding how I want to draw it. This usually looks like my desk covered in crumbled up papers filled with 30 thumbnails. Once I figure out how I want to draw it, I simply start to draw the piece. I'll draw out my lettering, then thicken the lines as much as I'd like (it's always easier to do this after drawing all of it than before). Once I feel good about the lettering, I'll add in any illustrative elements I want to, in this case the flag and banner.

Depending on what I'm creating, sometimes the lettering compliments the illustration, and other times the illustration compliments the lettering (as in our case). Once I'm finished drawing, I scan the piece at a high resolution, and use Photoshop to clean it up a little bit, and add any additional distressing or texture that I didn't add while drawing the piece. If it's a print piece I'll use Illustrator to create vector art. Then, I'll usually slap the image on some sort of photo/background, then post it for the world to see (or send it to a client, depending on the project).

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