Today, I'm excited to announce an official collaboration with Sean McCabe aka, seanwes in the form of a gorgeous letterpress print inspired by UNTITLED.


They are now on sale over at his lovely shop for only $15.​​

When I first sat down to write UNTITLED, I was scared.

For days I stared at the blank page.

And then, in a fit of desperation, I scribbled the following words to myself near the edge of my journal:

Look at the blank pages before you with courage.

Now fill them with beauty.​

Inspired by what would become the opening few lines of my book, Sean has transformed my lofty ideal into a beautiful, hand-lettered artifact.

Before I say anything more about our little collaboration, I have to admit I'm a serious fan of Sean's. In fact, we have his Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor print hanging by our front door.

Not only is it a reminder to M and I that the waters won't always be calm, but we've found that the phrase has essentially become our go-to parenting paradigm (our work isn't to make the waters calm for Ruby, but to make Ruby a fantastic little sailor).

As you can plainly see, Sean's work is always special and today's new print is no exception.

Printed on 8" x 10," 110lb Lettra Pearl White paper and letterpressed with love by our friends at Mama’s Sauce, each limited-edition print has been hand-embossed with Sean's trademark ampersand, and personally signed.

Please run and get one before they're gone and be sure to say hello to Sean while you're there!

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